Boundaries as Relationship Zones

Boundaries are getting a lot of buzz lately. That’s great because learning how to set, enforce, and respect personal boundaries can be a big part of healthy relationships. Yet, all this talk sometimes skips over some important basics. I’ve been thinking about this concept in a slightly new way. Typically, I talk about setting a …

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The Connection of Storytelling

In many ways, writing can be a solitary pursuit. Writers spend large portions of their time alone, researching and writing their stories. Even those who collaborate on writing teams spend time writing on their own. Yet storytelling is ultimately about connection. At a recent library event, I briefly explained that I’d once worked in IT …

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The Ghost of Medical Trauma

When I was a baby and first tried solid foods, my face swelled alarmingly. My small-town pediatrician recommended putting me in the hospital for force feeding until I stopped rejecting food. This did not sound right to my parents. They took me to The Cleveland Clinic where doctors said I had food allergies and needed …

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