If writing is my passion, yoga is the oxygen that keeps that fire burning. Figuratively. Perhaps literally.

While I have a regular physical practice, my yoga journey began with a study of meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork (pranayama). Yoga has taught me to ground my emotions through steady breath and clarify my thoughts through a lens of gratitude and compassion.

Professionally, I split my time between writing and teaching yoga.

As a side project, I’ve begun blending these two loves into a nonfiction book about ways to use yoga philosophies to live a steadier, kinder, and—potentially—happier life.

Yoga has become more mainstream in American society, but it’s still largely known as a physical (asana) practice. What many people may not realize is that asana is only one branch among the eight limbs of yoga.

The other limbs focus on practices like meditation and breathwork (pranayama), as well as guidelines for how to interact with others (yamas) and how to enhance self-observation and self-discipline (niyamas).

Delving into these larger yoga philosophies, which date back thousands of years, can be surprisingly relevant to modern living. We may know more about science and medicine than yogis did thousands of years ago, but our fast-pased, high-stress lives can often benefit from the same mental and emotional practices outlined in the Yoga Sutras.

Years ago, I created a separate blog to share my thoughts on yoga. It’s been rarely updated because it’s difficult to maintain multiple sites. I’m working out the best way to blend yoga content into this writing website. For now, check back from time to time for yoga-related posts. (Or join the yoga-themed tier on my Patreon page.)

If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, you can also take classes with me at Inner Power Yoga or The Fitness Equation.