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Welcome! In our social media world, information is both easy to find and easily scattered across many sites. SusanQuilty.com acts as a home base where you can learn more about my novels and writing projects. And about my publishing company: Bitter Lily Books, LLC.

About me, Susan Quilty

Some of my earliest memories are of writing my own stories and dreaming of being a novelist. Yet life led me through earlier careers, first in the field of computers, and later as a freelance writer.

My fiction writing had become a lifelong side-project and I was tired of private dabbling. In 2016, I buckled down and finished writing my first novel, The Insistence of Memory.

After about a year of trying to sell my first novel, I decided to switch gears and try my chances with self-publishing. I published The Insistence of Memory in 2017 and my second novel, To the Left of Death the following year

Turning to YA fiction, I launched The Psychic Traveler Society series in 2019. The series currently has two books (Healers and Thieves and Family and Foes) with more on the way.

Beyond writing, I have practiced yoga in various forms for nearly 20 years and have taught yoga for over 5 years. I hope to soon finish a book that shares some of the lessons I’ve learned on and off my yoga mat.

To learn more, contact me or follow me on social media.

About Bitter Lily Books, LLC

Learn more about Bitter Lily Books, LLC

Beginning in 2020, my books will be published through my new publishing company, Bitter Lily Books, LLC.

I began Bitter Lily Books as part of my plan to expand my reach and attend more book fairs and conventions. Of course, that was pre-pandemic. My plans for public events are currently on hold.

Fun fact: As a kid (pre-internet era), I used a baby name book to come up with character names. When I looked up my own name, it said Susan meant lily and Marie meant bitter. I liked the sound of Bitter Lily and finally found a place to use it!

For me, the hardest part of self-publishing has been finding ways to get my books into the hands of readers who may enjoy them. If you’ve read and liked my books, please tell your friends and add a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Your reviews and support help more than you can possibly know!