Support an Author

Building an audience as an indie author is crushingly difficult. Yet, there are lots of ways you can support an author (namely me!) and any help you give is greatly appreciated! Here are some suggestions:

1. Buy my books. For yourself, as gifts, or to donate to local schools or community groups. My books were originally published as Amazon exclusives, but I’m in the process of expanding sales to many other online stores. Check the pages for each of my books for availability details.

2. Write reviews for my books. On Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you prefer to shop. They don’t have to be in-depth. Even simple, positive reviews can have a big impact on my future sales.

3. Buy signed copies of my books. If you are not able to attend any of my signing events, you can still order signed books from me. The cost is $25 per book in the continental US (That’s retail + $10 for shipping). You can pay me through Venmo or PayPal and either give me your address and dedication requests in the payment notes or contact me with questions and requests before payment. Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery. No refunds on signed books.

So many ways to support an author
*Painting by Matt Sesow

4. Listen to my podcast.

Freely Written is available on most podcast apps, offering you a great way to fit in 10-minute story breaks!

5. Buy some merch.

My new Bitter Lily Books Merch Shop is just getting started. Keep checking in for more designs.

6. Write a review.

Yes, it’s on this list twice! Good reviews make a huge difference as they increase the book’s visibility in searches and lists.

7. Make a donation.

Buy Me A Coffee

If you enjoy my podcasts and books, and want to support my continuing work, you can send a one-time donation in $5 increments through Buy Me a Coffee or a donation of any amount through Venmo or PayPal. This helps me pay for my publishing and marketing costs.

8. Connect with me on social media.

Facebook: SusanQuilty.Writer, BitterLilyBooksLLC, and/or FreelyWrittenPodcast

Instagram: Susan.Quilty and/or Bitter_Lily Books

Twitter: SusanQuilty

Goodreads: SusanQuilty

9. Check in on my blog.

In the early days of internet, I was a fairly avid blogger. That largely stopped once social media took over the world, but I’ve recently decided to get back into it right here on my website.

Check back for more posts as I blog about my books, my upcoming projects, and my random thoughts. And let me know if you have topic suggestions!

10. Tell your friends!

Never underestimate word of mouth recommendations! Telling your friends about my books, podcast, social media posts, etc. is a GREAT way to support an author!

Plus, if you choose one of my books for your book club, I’m happy to video call in for a chat. I’ve been invited before and they can be a lot of fun!

Follow me on social media
Follow me on social media
Going to events is a great way to support an author