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Healers and Thieves - The Psychic Traveler Society Book 1

Healers and Thieves – The Psychic Traveler Society Book 1

As the first book in The Psychic Traveler Society series, Healers and Thieves opens the door to a new world of intrigue and adventure.

Fourteen-year-old Amanda Jones often finds her mind wandering to the same place: A large Victorian house with empty rooms full of mysterious doors. While this strange house has become a familiar part of her life, its pull is so strong Amanda finds it difficult to focus on anything else.

Why does the house keep drawing her back? What will happen when she gathers enough courage to open a door and see what’s on the other side?

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Available in paperback and ebook editions, 340 pages.

Books in The Psychic Traveler Society series: Healers and Thieves, Family and Foes, Elders and Aliens


Written for both young adults and adults, this YA adventure series is set in our modern world but includes travel to locations that feature both fantasy and sci-fi elements. Recommended reading age is 13+


Chapter 1: A Night in the Attic – Amanda Jones loved to read on her own but listening to Mr. Hewlett drone on about symbolism sapped all joy from the experience. As far as Amanda was concerned, if an author had something to say, they should simply say it. Besides, Amanda reasoned, Mr. Hewlett’s search for a book’s hidden secrets probably just added meaning the author never even intended.

Mr. Hewlett’s English class bothered Amanda for another reason, too. His love of reciting lengthy passages, followed by long-winded explanations, gave Amanda’s mind too much space to wander away. When that happened, her mind always wandered to the same place.

The Victorian house in Amanda’s head was shadowed but warm, ostentatious but inviting. The lower floors were filled with antique furniture, textured wallpapers, and heavy draperies. The attic, which she had only recently begun to explore, was cooler in both tone and temperature than the rest of the house. It had a shabby, unkempt atmosphere. Its floorboards were silvered with age. Its walls gleamed a bluish gray that was nearly indistinguishable from the wooden doors facing Amanda now.

Six doors. Two doors on each of the three walls. (Read a longer excerpt here.)


In 2019, Healers and Thieves was published exclusively through Amazon. In 2022, a second edition was released for wider distribution. The new edition has an updated cover and interior layout. Both covers were designed by Susan Quilty.

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