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Do you like to choose your own path in a story? Do you like to read different genres? Twist Your Fiction Storybooks give options that change your story and its genre! Depending on the choices you make, your story could have sci-fi, fantasy, or rom-com touches. Want a new story? Go back to page 1 and start again!

Audrey & Esther Geekify Greenville

This silly story follows two friends, Audrey and Esther, as they spend a weekend at the Geekify Greenville pop-culture con. Audrey is selling her knit and crochet fantasy crafts. Esther is volunteering at the con. And you get to choose what wacky high jinks ensue!

With 3 genres, 22 possible endings, and even a time loop, Audrey & Esther Geekify Greenville will lead you through journeys that could include wizards, aliens, love triangles, and more!

In the future, Audrey and Esther may have more adventures in new Twist Your Fiction Storybooks. For now, enjoy their wacky weekend at Geekify Greenville.

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Currently available as an Amazon paperback exclusive, 197 pages.


Written for young adult and adult readers, this choose-your-ending story book adds its own twist with a blend of tropes from three genres: sci-fi, fantasy, and rom-com.


In 2020, Audrey & Esther Geekify Greenville was published exclusively through Amazon. It is currently available as a paperback only. In the near future, a second edition will be released for wider distribution and may include an ebook edition. The cover was drawn and designed by Susan Quilty.

Check back for bonus content and updates in Audrey & Esther Geekify Greenville blog posts.