Books by Susan Quilty

Books by Susan Quilty are grounded in reality but often feature science fiction, fantasy, or psychological twists. Some are written for both young adult and adult readers, while others have more mature language and themes. Beyond novels, books include a choose-your-ending style gamebook and a collection of selected stories from the Freely Written podcast.

At a Glance:

The Insistence of Memory

Reality bends when Joanne discovers her husband’s secret creation: a machine that can record memories and play them back in someone else’s mind. Now Joanne must choose between continuing his project and protecting the privacy of her own dark past.

Speculative fiction with adult language and themes, 300 pages.

To the Left of Death

When a school teacher witnesses murder, she’s left with painful memories and an inability to make peace with her experience. Will a return to her teenage love of drawing revive her or pull her back into the swirling mystery of that fateful day?

Contemporary fiction with adult language and themes, 292 pages.

Healers and Thieves – The Psychic Traveler Society Book 1

Fourteen-year-old Amanda Jones often finds her mind wandering to the same place: A large Victorian house with empty rooms full of mysterious doors. What will happen when she gathers enough courage to open a door and see what’s on the other side?

Young Adult fiction with a fantasy and sci-fi twist, 340 pages.

Family and Foes – The Psychic Traveler Society Book 2

Six months into her PTS training, Amanda Jones feels torn between becoming a psychic traveler and living as a “normal” teenager. As she explores new worlds and new relationships, Amanda questions who she can trust and where her journey will lead.

Young Adult fiction with a fantasy and sci-fi twist, 384 pages.

Elders and Aliens – The Psychic Traveler Society Book 3

In her short time as a traveler, Amanda Jones has helped shape the future of the Psychic Traveler Society, protected its secrets, and kept up her life as a normal teenager. But when a faction of travelers threatens to expose their abilities, a journey to deepen Amanda’s training becomes a quest for off-world knowledge to prevent a crisis at home.

Young Adult fiction with a fantasy and sci-fi twist, 338 pages.

Audrey and Esther Geekify Greenville

This silly story follows Audrey and Esther’s weekend at the Geekify Greenville pop-culture con. With 3 genres, 22 possible endings, and even a time loop, this choose-your-ending style book will lead you through journeys that could include wizards, aliens, and love triangles!

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Rom-Com, choose-your-path, 197 pages.

Freely Written Vol. 1

In addition to listening to the Freely Written podcast, you can now read 20 of its stories in Freely Written Vol. 1. This slim book is easy to toss in a bag for reading on-the-go, and it makes a great gift for story lovers who’d rather read than listen to a podcast.

Short stories, multiple genres, 154 pages.