To the Left of Death

Writing my second novel, To the Left of Death, was a deeply emotional process. It was a challenge to express the struggle of finding connection and purpose while navigating the lingering effects of trauma. I think the first-person, stream-of-consciousness approach works well for this story, Although, it isn’t the usual way I write a story. While this novel explores dark themes, it also embraces the hope of healing.

My second novel, To the Left of Death

To the Left of Death draws you into the mind of a woman living with trauma.

When an elementary school teacher witnesses murder, she’s left with painful memories and an inability to make peace with her experience. She now goes through the motions of daily life, sitting up night after night with her never-ending thoughts and everlasting bourbon.

A return to her teenage love of drawing begins to revive her. But will her art be a salvation or a path back into the swirling mystery of that fateful day?

She didn’t bring the gun. She didn’t pull the trigger. But she tried to stop the blood, and she held him as he died. Can she make peace with being part of that day?

To the Left of Death is available in both paperback and Kindle editions here.