Freely Written Vol. 1

Freely Written Vol. 1

Ready for a story break? Since 2021, the Freely Written podcast has offered 10-minute stories in a variety of styles. Now, 20 of those stories have been collected in this handy book. Toss it in your bag for reading on-the-go or gift it to a story-loving friend!

Haven’t listened to Freely Written yet? Here’s how the podcast works: stories are written from simple prompts, with no planning and very little editing, and then shared in its own episode. Stories can be in any genre. You never know where a free-written story will go!

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Available in paperback and ebook editions, 154 pages.

Stories Included:

There are 20 stories included in Freely Written Vol. 1. All of these stories have aired on the podcast, and their episode numbers and air dates are included in case you want to listen to them, too. There’s also an introduction about the podcast and a few brief thoughts after each story.

Stories included: Grocery Store Sushi, Membership, A Drop in the Ocean, Take a Seat, A Stitch in Time, The Cat’s Pajamas, The Passage of Time, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Muffin of the Month, Squirrelly, Parking Lot Friends, The Goose in the House, Writer’s Block, Duck a l’Orange, Unicorns and Rainbows, Fireside Wine Chat, Rain or Shine, Pumpkin Spice, Storage War, and A New Leaf.


As Freely Written continues to grow, there will likely be a second book of collected stories. You can contact me to suggest stories you’d like to see included or to suggest writing prompts for future episodes.

Check back for bonus content and updates in Freely Written blog posts.