Elders and Aliens

Elders and Aliens - The Psychic Traveler Society Book 3

Elders and Aliens – The Psychic Traveler Society Book 3

Amanda Jones’ early years wrap up with Elders and Aliens, the third and final book in The Psychic Traveler Society series.

In her short time as a traveler, Amanda Jones has helped shape the future of the Psychic Traveler Society, protected its secrets, and kept up her life as a normal teenager. But when a faction of travelers threatens to expose their abilities, a journey to deepen Amanda’s training becomes a quest for off-world knowledge to prevent a crisis at home.

Can new allies prepare Amanda for her next steps as a psychic traveler? As rumors mount, who can she trust with the truth of her secret life?

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Available in paperback and ebook editions, 338 pages.

Books in The Psychic Traveler Society series: Healers and Thieves, Family and Foes, Elders and Aliens.


Written for both young adults and adults, this YA adventure series is set in our modern world but includes travel to locations that feature both fantasy and sci-fi elements. Recommended reading age is 13+


Chapter 1: A Change of Plans – The voice in Amanda Jones’ head was calm but insistent. She silently responded, then flicked on the windshield wipers as she prepared to make a right turn. She was getting good at multitasking between the world around her and the occasional psychic message from a fellow traveler. Driving in the rain was a new challenge.

“I should have driven us home,” Patty Jones muttered from the passenger seat. Her hands were clasped on her lap as she shifted forward to get a better look at the storm clouds overhead.

“Mom, please,” Amanda sighed, gripping the steering wheel. “I can handle a little rain.”

They were quiet then, listening to the patter of raindrops and the swish of the windshield wipers. Patty insisted on turning the radio off whenever Amanda drove. Amanda didn’t argue about it, though she’d had her learner’s permit for over six months and listened to music every time she drove with her aunt. Judy said it was good to practice in real-world conditions. Amanda knew it was better to keep that method between them.

“I know what you can handle,” Patty responded gently. (Read a longer excerpt here.)


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