Welcome to My Worlds…

Books unlock the secrets of imaginary people in imaginary worlds. They let readers explore places they’ve never been and befriend people they’ve never met. If you’re new to my writing, welcome to my worlds!

I’m Susan Quilty, and I am an indie author. I enjoy writing character-driven novels that often have a science fiction or fantasy twist. Such as a machine that records memories or an imaginary house that can transport certain people to entirely different places.

Being an indie author is a labor of love. Any time you read one of my books, write a review or tell a friend, you’re helping me continue my dream.

Thank you for all of your support! 🧡

While you’re here, you are welcome to visit my blog to read whatever’s rambling through my head. That includes updates, thoughts on writing, extras about my books, and random reflections on life. Back in the day, when blogging was new, I used to blog more regularly. These days, those thoughts get spread across various social media sites, but I am making an effort to get back to sharing more often here on my own blog.

My latest book is a silly, fun, interactive storybook called Audrey and Esther Geekify Greenville. You can read some of its stories online now, just click here.

I’m calling this a Twist Your Fiction Storybook. As you read, you can choose options that change the story and your genre. Your story could end up with sci-fi, fantasy, rom-com touches. Or a blend of all three! Want a new story? Just start again from page one.

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