Welcome to the worlds of Susan Quilty, indie author

Books unlock the secrets of imaginary people in imaginary worlds. They let readers explore places they’ve never been and befriend people they’ve never met. If you’re new to my writing, welcome to my worlds!

Welcome, Bitter Lily Books, LLC


I’m Susan Quilty, and I am an indie author. I enjoy writing character-driven novels that often have a science fiction or fantasy twist. Such as a machine that records memories or an imaginary house that can transport certain people to entirely different places. My podcast, Freely Written, features 10-minute stories free-written from a prompt with no planning and very little editing. You never know where those stories will go! Being an indie author is a labor of love. Thank you for all of your support! 



On my blog, you’ll find a little bit of everything. Updates, behind-the-books info, and reflections on both the indie author life and life in general. If you want to know more about writing novels, hosting a short story podcast, running a publishing company, or anything else, let me know. *Pro tip: clicking on categories and tags listed under any blog post title will bring you to a list of similar posts.

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In addition to buying my books and listening to my podcast, there are some other ways you can support me, such as following me on social media, writing reviews of my books on your favorite sites (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.), and telling your friends about my work. Any support you can give is greatly appreciated!