The Psychic Traveler Society

The Psychic Traveler Society appeals to both young adult and adult readers. The series follows the story of Amanda Jones, a teenager who develops extraordinary powers that let her explore worlds beyond her imagination. Shop the full series at Amazon: The Psychic Traveler Society and through additional retailers below.

Healers and Thieves - The Psychic Traveler Society Book 1

Healers and Thieves – Book 1

As the first book in The Psychic Traveler Society series, Healers and Thieves opens the door to a new world of intrigue and adventure.

Fourteen-year-old Amanda Jones often finds her mind wandering to the same place: A large Victorian house with empty rooms full of mysterious doors. While this strange house has become a familiar part of her life, its pull is so strong Amanda finds it difficult to focus on anything else.

Why does the house keep drawing her back? What will happen when she gathers enough courage to open a door and see what’s on the other side?

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Available in paperback and ebook editions, 340 pages. Excerpt and more

Family and Foes - The Psychic Traveler Society Book 2

Family and Foes – Book 2

Amanda Jones’ story continues with Family and Foes, the second book in The Psychic Traveler Society series.

Six months into her PTS training, Amanda feels torn between becoming a psychic traveler and living as a “normal” teenager. As she explores new worlds and new relationships, Amanda questions who she can trust and where her journey will lead.

What is Amanda’s place in this secret society? Can she take control of her future when she’s the only teenager in a world of adults?

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Available in paperback and ebook editions, 384 pages. Excerpt and more

Elders and Aliens – Book 3

Amanda Jones’ early years wrap up with Elders and Aliens, the third and final book in The Psychic Traveler Society series.

In her short time as a traveler, Amanda Jones has helped shape the future of the Psychic Traveler Society, protected its secrets, and kept up her life as a normal teenager. But when a faction of travelers threatens to expose their abilities, a journey to deepen Amanda’s training becomes a quest for off-world knowledge to prevent a crisis at home.

Can new allies prepare Amanda for her next steps as a psychic traveler? As rumors mount, who can she trust with the truth of her secret life?

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Soon to be available in paperback and ebook editions, 338 pages. Excerpt and more