Elders and Aliens: An Excerpt (PTS Book 3)

Enjoy this preview of Elders and Aliens by Susan Quilty.

Note: this excerpt contains spoilers for earlier books in the series.

Chapter One: A Change in Plans

The voice in Amanda Jones’ head was calm but insistent. She silently responded, then flicked on the windshield wipers as she prepared to make a right turn. She was getting good at multitasking between the world around her and the occasional psychic message from a fellow traveler. Driving in the rain was a new challenge.

“I should have driven us home,” Patty Jones muttered from the passenger seat. Her hands were clasped on her lap as she shifted forward to get a better look at the storm clouds overhead.

“Mom, please,” Amanda sighed, gripping the steering wheel. “I can handle a little rain.”

They were quiet then, listening to the patter of raindrops and the swish of the windshield wipers. Patty insisted on turning the radio off whenever Amanda drove. Amanda didn’t argue about it, though she’d had her learner’s permit for over six months and listened to music every time she drove with her aunt. Judy said it was good to practice in real-world conditions. Amanda knew it was better to keep that method between them.

“I know what you can handle,” Patty responded gently.

Amanda bit her lip, realizing her mom was trying to show she understood how hard it must be to balance high school with the secret life of a psychic traveler.

The rain fell harder as they neared home. Amanda wondered why Rory had messaged her. It wasn’t unusual to hear from her training agent, but when she heard Amanda was driving, Rory had said they would talk later.

“Is Cameron coming for dinner?”

“Would that bother you?”

Amanda turned into the apartment parking lot and considered the question.

Cameron had been her first training agent. Now, after a diplomatic coup had upended their society, Cameron had a seat on the new High Council. He also appeared to be dating her mother, though neither of them had confirmed that with Amanda. Not that she’d asked.  

 “He’s been so helpful to me since… Oh, careful!”

Amanda eased into a parking space while her mom glanced rapidly at the cars around them. Though Amanda had never even come close to hitting a car, Patty perpetually braced for a first accident.

“It’s fine.” Amanda slipped the car into park and shut off the engine. “I like Cameron, and we can go over plans for my trip.”

She hopped out of the car before Patty could reply. Her mom had come to accept Amanda’s role as a psychic traveler and trust Rory as her training agent, but she was not happy that Lucas would be joining them on this trip. Despite his part in saving her from the former High Council’s schemes, and his new appointment as Director of the Psychic Traveler Society, Patty did not trust Lucas Flynn.

Amanda pulled up her hoodie and quickly crossed the parking lot. Patty hurried to follow, trying to awkwardly angle an umbrella over both of their heads. Once they were in the building, Amanda patiently held the elevator while her mom shook her umbrella outside the building’s covered front door and neatly secured it with its attached strap. Lightning flashed outside the glass doors and a shiver ran up Amanda’s spine.

Riding up to their apartment, Amanda remembered a very different elevator trip. The one where Aunt Judy had just confirmed her psychic travel abilities and was about to explain the secret world of the Psychic Traveler Society. It had only been 15 months since that crazy day, but Amanda felt like an entirely different person.

“Are you home yet?” Rory’s message whispered through Amanda’s head.

“In the elevator,” Amanda answered silently, watching the numbers above the doors light their progress from floor to floor.

“Meet me in the house,” Rory messaged. “Before you talk to Cameron.”

“Amanda?” Patty peered at her daughter’s face intently. “Are you here?”

“Obviously.” Amanda shrugged. They both knew that wasn’t obvious at all.

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