The Connection of Storytelling

In many ways, writing can be a solitary pursuit. Writers spend large portions of their time alone, researching and writing their stories. Even those who collaborate on writing teams spend time writing on their own. Yet storytelling is ultimately about connection. At a recent library event, I briefly explained that I’d once worked in IT …

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The Bones of a Story

Have you ever heard people talk about the “bones of a story?” Maybe as in, “The story had great bones, but I didn’t like…” (Why does discussion always focus on critique? Let’s save that for a later post.) Maybe you can tell what that means from the context. The bones are essentially the frame of …

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From Manuscript to Finished Book

Digital proof of an interior layout As an indie author, I wear many hats. Beyond writing the books, I bring them through the publishing process, handle their release, and market them to readers. I’m most comfortable (by far!) with writing the books. Preparing them for publishing is getting easier, book by book. Planning the release and marketing …

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