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Your book buying options are easier to find on my newly updated website. Do you like to support local book shops through IndieBound? Do want to read on your Nook or Kindle? Your options are now listed more clearly on each book listing. (Like this!)

Choose any book from the drop-down menu or click a book cover on my home page or Books page to check out its listing. Buttons below the book summary highlight your options.

Sample of a book listing with your book buying options


If you want to support your local book shops, you can order paperback editions of my books through IndieBound and pick them up at your chosen store. Click on the IndieBound button on any of my book pages or search on IndieBound for my name or book title. (Or click here.) The listing on IndieBound will show the local bookstores where you can pick up my books.

This supports both me (an indie author) and indie bookstores!


Amazon offers paperback and Kindle editions of my books. (Search or click here.) It’s also where I earn the highest royalties, if that’s important to you, but I’m happy with sales wherever you choose to shop! If you’re a Prime member, my paperbacks come with 2-day free shipping. Amazon also runs occasional pop-up sales on my paperbacks, selling them with deep discounts that I couldn’t afford to offer on my own.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble offers paperback and Nook editions of my books. (Search or click here.) The paperback editions are online sales that you can have delivered or pick up at your local store. It’s a convenient option if you like to shop at your local Barnes & Noble. You can also take advantage of any book sales offered on the site.


If you have a Books-A-Million near you, you can buy paperback editions of my books and pick them up in store. Or have them delivered to you at home. Searching by title is better than by author on their site, or find the Book-A-Million link on any of my book’s pages here on my website. (Click “learn more” or the cover of any book listed here.)

Apple Books

Another ebook options is to buy through Apple Books. Apple ebooks can be read on your phone, iPad, or Mac. You can find all of my books by searching Apple Books or clicking here.

More Options

On each book listing, you’ll find a button labeled “and more…” This button will take you to a custom Books2Read page that lists even more book buying options for print or ebook editions of my books. That includes the options listed above and additional retailers. There are international options too if you are buying from another country.

Wherever you choose to buy, your support is greatly appreciated!

Apple Books, one of your book buying options

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