New Year, New Patreon Perks

Happy New Year! I’m feeling hopeful but cautious as we head into 2023. As many of you may agree, the past few years have been rough! After getting through some extra challenging health issues, I’m finally feeling well enough to move from survival mode into productive living. (Knock on wood!) During these hard years, having support through Patreon has really helped me keep going. In 2023, I’m making some updates to my Patreon perks.

New to Patreon?

If you’re new to Patreon, it’s a site where patrons can subscribe to creators’ pages, typically receiving some perks for their patronage. You can find many creators on Patreon, though it’s a particularly helpful site for indie creators (like me!) who can use some help paying for the expenses that come with creating what they love. You can visit my Patreon page at

All proceeds from my Patreon page offset the costs of publishing my books and podcast, and marketing my work. My work as an indie author will likely never generate a livable salary, but support through Patreon does help me cover my expenses so I can turn a small profit most year. Plus, if I ever do make it big, you can say you helped me get my start!

My Patreon Perks

Patreon perks 2023

I’ve been on Patreon for a few years now and, honestly, I’ve struggled with what to offer as perks. Some of that has been due to my worsening health issues over the past two years, which are now greatly improved.

Beyond that, the struggle has come partly from that insecure, “why would anyone care what I say?” inner voice. Also, from a fear of upsetting anyone with spoilers from my books…

But if you’re supporting me on Patreon, there’s a good chance you’ve read my books. Or you plan to read them and can come back for the spoiler-y perks after. Going forward, I won’t be so shy about sharing behind-the-scene tidbits, even if they have spoilers. And all spoilers will be clearly marked!

The Patreon perks you’ll receive in 2023 depend on the tier for your subscription:

$1 – Support a Writer

  • A monthly update video, sharing what I’m working on, upcoming events, etc. (1st Friday)
  • Patreon-only posts, including first looks at new books
  • A handwritten thank you note on sign-up (if you provide your mailing address)
  • Access to all previous posts (for your tier)

$3 – Add a Little Yoga

  • A monthly yoga practice, divided into 3 progressive videos: ~10 min. on week 1, ~20 min. on week 2, and ~30 min. on week 3, giving you variations to meet your schedule (Wednesdays)
  • A monthly meditation video (4th Wednesday)
  • Perks from the lower tier

$5 – Go Beyond the Books

  • A weekly journal prompt, answered in a creative way (poetry, flash fiction, etc.). Write your own answer or just read along! (Mondays) 
  • A monthly Writer’s Insight video that explores details from my books, likely to include spoilers! (3rd Friday)
  • Perks from the lower tiers

My Thanks for Your Support

Whether or not you choose to subscribe to my Patreon page, I’m grateful for any support you’re willing to offer! That includes buying and reading my books, listening to my Freely Written podcast, attending my local events, following me on social media, and telling your friends about my writing. You can find more suggestions here.

Thank you for cheering me on. 

Happy New Year!

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