Audrey and Esther Geekify Greenville (Online!)

The Con Begins (*page one of our story)

Audrey wanted to bring her knitting needles and rainbow-striped yarn to the con floor, but they wouldn’t fit in her overstuffed unicorn bag. They might, if she removed her wispy teal yarn, but that would be madness.

“Planning to stab someone?”


Audrey looked up, clutching her knitting needles with their sharp points aimed straight at Esther.

“You don’t like to knit at cons, remember?”

Esther had just walked out of the bathroom wearing a bright orange t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase Geekify Greenville. A convention badge hung from her neck on a neon pink lanyard dotted with cartoon sheep.

Audrey tilted her head quizzically, before pointing out, “This is our first con.”

Which drew a dramatic sigh from Esther.

“Fine, at craft fairs, whatever!” Esther turned to the nearest mirror, grimacing at the orange atrocity of her shirt. “You say it’s easier to chat with people when you’re crocheting.”

“Oh, right,” Audrey frowned. She was unconvinced but found it hard to dispute her own argument. Even if she had forgotten making it.

“We should get down there,” Esther nudged. “I have to check-in at the volunteer desk.”

Shifting some yarn aside, Audrey slid her hand inside the bag, narrowly missed the sharp point of an open flower pin, and fished out her vendor badge.

“I’m never going to sell anything,” she sighed.

Esther rolled her eyes, grabbing a crocheted fairy doll from the dresser top.

“This is adorable!” She shook the doll with each word, making her ringlets bounce and her wings tremble. “You’ll do better here than selling the same old scarfs and hats at the Fairfield Fiber Fair.”

“Where did you get her?!” Audrey snatched the fairy from Esther, smoothing her tousled hair.

“It’s just a doll,” Esther scoffed. “Now, let’s go.

As they headed for the hotel room door, one of the bedside lamps flickered. Glancing toward it, Esther saw a purple tote bag tucked beside the shared nightstand. She hefted the bag and waved it toward Audrey.

“Did you want this one, too?”

“Yes!” Audrey reached out, despite the overstuffed totes already slung over both shoulders.

“Calm down,” Esther laughed. “I can manage one bag.”

As they left the room, neither noticed the lamp flash rapidly again. If they had, they might have thought it was strange that the light flickered in a distinct pattern, almost as if sending a coded message.

Beyond their room, the hotel hallway was empty. A housekeeping cart sat beside an open door at the far end of the corridor. In the opposite direction, a brass sign pointed toward the elevator bays.

Audrey checked their door was locked and readjusted her bags. As she hurried to catch up, Esther rounded the corner ahead, calling out, “Hold the elevator!”

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