Audrey and Esther Geekify Greenville (Online!)

A Trio of Wizards

Audrey hustled around the corner in time to see Esther shove her arm between the closing elevator doors. In typical Esther fashion, she tossed her head and laughed at the trio of robed wizards clustered near the back wall.

“Thought you could ditch us, eh, boys? Guess I’m too quick for you!”

None of the wizards responded. Their shadowed faces remained impassive as they watched Audrey jostle herself, and her bulging tote bags, into the free space beside them. They wore deep burgundy robes, and each carried an elaborately carved staff. The intricate third-eye designs on their foreheads were so artfully applied they looked like real tattoos.

“Let me guess,” Esther tried again. “You’re here for the optometrist convention in conference room B?”

No response.

“Leave them alone,” Audrey whispered, but Esther wasn’t giving up that easily.

“Okay, I get it,” she told them airily. “You’ve got this method-actor cosplay thing going. I can respect that. My volunteer shift ends at one today, so save me a robe if you need a fourth for your afternoon raising of the dead.”

All three wizards turned their heads simultaneously. Their eyes bore into Esther, though their expressions remained stony.

“Ignore her,” Audrey interjected. “She thinks she’s being funny.”

They rode to the lobby in silence.

Esther smirked and Audrey fumed.

When she’d agreed to get a table at Geekify Greenville, Audrey had thought it would be like other craft festivals where Esther sat with her and drew in the customers. Esther signing up as a volunteer had been a complete surprise, and Audrey hadn’t entirely gotten over it.

The elevator jerked to a stop. Its doors opened onto a scene of pop-culture cosplay and orange-shirted volunteers. A few regular hotel guests passed by with curious looks before nodding knowingly at the huge Geekify Greenville posters and banners.

Audrey stepped into the lobby, pulling Esther along by the arm and knocking a bag off her shoulder in the process.

“Bye, boys!” Esther called behind her. “Do a spell for me later, okay? You can turn whoever designed these t-shirts into a bright orange bunny rabbit!”

Audrey rearranged her tote bags and watched the wizards silently exit the elevator. They paused at a large sign pointing toward the ticket line, then turned and followed the crowd. They seemed to glide across the floor, making Audrey wonder if they’d been in their high school marching band. Esther craned her neck to get a better view of the ticket line.

“Look at all the people already lining up! Ooh, and a café! Let’s get coffee and a breakfast wrap!”

Audrey looked toward the café, then hitched a bag higher on her shoulder.

“Uh, can we take this stuff to my table first?”

“Can’t you bring it ?” Esther pleaded. “I need coffee!”

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