Audrey and Esther Geekify Greenville (Online!)

Artist Angst

Audrey caught up in time to see Esther smack her palm against the closed elevator doors.

“Thanks for nothing!” She yelled toward the door crack, as if her voice would carry into the elevator car that was already descending toward the lobby.

“There will be another one,” Audrey reassured before pressing the down button.

“Really?” Esther shot back sarcastically. “Is that how elevators work?”

Ignoring her, Audrey eased the heavy bags off her shoulders and let them rest on the carpeted floor. The hotel was quiet, and she hoped Esther hadn’t woken anyone up with her shouting. It felt strange to be staying in a hotel at all, since the con was less than an hour from home, but Esther had convinced her it would be more fun to get a room and make it into a weekend getaway.

“Come on,” Esther muttered, pressing the downbutton like a lab rat on amphetamines.

“Maybe I should bring my knitting needles,” Audrey mused, looking back toward their room.

“I’m not holding the elevator if you go back for them!” Esther snapped, then sighed at her own impatience. “Sorry. I need coffee.”

Audrey frowned, thinking of the lacy rainbow scarf she’d started knitting. It waseasier to crochet at events, but some people were more impressed by knitting. Which irritated her, being a crochet lover at heart.

“You know, you’ll be right downstairs,” Esther reminded. “You can come back up for stuff anytime.”

“And who’s going to watch my table?”

It was a sore point with Audrey. When she’d sold at craft festivals before, Esther had always sat with her, drawing in customers and keeping her company. That’s what she’d expected when she’d let Esther talk her into getting a table at Geekify Greenville. Esther signing up as a volunteer had caught her completely by surprise.

“I’m only volunteering a few hours each day. I’ll watch your table this afternoon.”

“I’m so out of my element,” Audrey muttered.

The thought of manning her table alone felt a lot like the time in third grade when she’d had to give an oral report dressed as any historical figure she wanted, and she’d shown up as Benjamin Franklin.

“Oh, come on! We had so much fun here last year!”

“Yeah, when we were attending the con.”

“It’ll be fine,” Esther waved Audrey’s angst away. “You’ll sell some new stuff, we’ll drop by Marty’s booth, and I’ll get another chance at Captain Steampunk!”

Audrey rolled her eyes and pressed the downbutton again, though it was still glowing.

“You’re still on that artist guy from last year?”

“Yes, please,” Esther winked before making a swooning motion that bought her both a laugh and another eye roll.


A cough from behind made Esther freeze. The look of horror on Audrey’s face made her wonder if she was about to come face to face with Captain Steampunk himself.

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