Audrey and Esther Geekify Greenville (Online!)

Captain Steampunk

Captain Steampunk smiled at them over his cup of coffee. He was tall and trim with broad shoulders, dark brown hair, and a mischievous gleam behind his horn-rimmed glasses.

Just the sight of those eyes made Esther’s stomach melt into her shoes.

She laughed nervously, searched madly for something witty to say, and then artlessly dropped the tote bag from her shoulder, spilling crocheted toys and accessories across the carpet.

“Hey!” Audrey cried indignantly.

Esther bent to scoop up some scattered flower pins, while Audrey rescued her fairy dolls. Captain Steampunk crouched to help, after carefully setting his coffee on a nearby table.

“Oops,” Esther laughed, “call me butterfingers.”

“Well, butterfingers,” the captain grinned, studying a blue and green crocheted dragon, “these are really good. Did you make them?”

“I did,” Audrey interjected, inspecting the toys as she packed them back in the tote.

Esther rested on her heels, watching the artist’s face light up as he handed Audrey two more toys.

“You have a table this year?” he asked, offering Audrey a hand as they stood back up. “Good for you!”

“No,” Esther blurted out as she stood up as well. “No table, she just likes to carry these little guys around. You know, show them a good time. At the con…”

Audrey and Captain Steampunk stared at her in silent confusion.

“Ha! Kidding!” Esther laughed too loudly. “I mean, obviously, she has a table! Audrey’s Knit Nook. That’s the name. Just like her yarn shop, over in Ashton.”

She stopped talking, leaving an awkward silence.

“Well, uh…”

Captain Steampunk was interrupted by the timely ding of the elevator’s arrival.

The doors opened, revealing three cyborgs, two caped gladiators, and a perplexed but fascinated older couple.

“After you,” the artist extended his arm graciously, but Audrey hesitated as she mentally compared the volume of her tote bags to the limited space available.

It would be pretty crowded if all three of them piled in, and Audrey wasn’t comfortable with tight spaces.

“I think I’ll wait for the next one,” she told them. “My dragons need their space.”

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