Audrey and Esther Geekify Greenville (Online!)

The Comic Book Guy

Esther spun around, her heart racing, only to see a familiar face smirking back at her.

“Have a crush on Nate, do we?”

“Geesh, Marty!” Esther smacked his upper arm. “You scared me half to death!”

Marty laughed, rocking on his sneakers and shaking his shaggy hair out of his eyes. He was a lanky guy who looked even thinner in his baggy t-shirt and jeans, but somehow the oversized clothes worked on him.

“Hey, Audrey,” he smiled, then nodded toward her bags. “Need a hand with that?”

Marty’s comic book shop was just across the street from Audrey’s yarn shop in the old town district of Ashton. Since Ashton Comics and Audrey’s Knit Nook had both opened in the same month, Marty and Audrey had spent a lot of time helping each other establish their businesses.

For Audrey, signing up for a table at Geekify Greenville had felt like crossing into Marty’s world, and she was glad to see his friendly face.

“Nate’s a good guy,” Marty told Esther, as they waited for the elevator.

“Nate?” She puzzled over the name before making the connection. “Oh, you mean Captain Steampunk.”

“Uh, yeah,” Marty laughed. “He does have a name. Anyway, I could maybe set something up with him. If you want. Dinner tonight? After the con ends? We could meet up in the hotel restaurant.”

“Really?” Esther beamed, but Audrey groaned.

“I don’t know…” she sighed. “I was looking forward to room service and an early night in.”

“Come on, Audrey,” Esther pleaded. “It’s our weekend getaway! You can’t go to bed early!”

Marty pressed the down button again, staying out of it but watching Audrey closely.

“Oh, all right,” she relented.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Marty promised.

When the elevator came, there were two people inside who were both wearing volunteer shirts. Esther made a joke about their neon orange shirts being seen from space, which led to a friendly chat about their work schedules.

“Aunt Sarah watching the nook?” Marty asked, referring to Audrey’s yarn shop.

“Yep,” Audrey smiled slyly, “My Saturday knit circle will love that. You left Gina in charge of the shop?”

“Yeah, but Clem will take over tomorrow so she can help here. We rotate through, but I’ll be here all weekend.”

“That’s nice,” Audrey nodded, watching the numbers as they descended each floor.

When the elevator opened in the lobby, they saw an eclectic mix of people. Many seemed to be either working or attending the con, and some were dressed in elaborate costumes. The other hotel guests stared at the cosplayers with undisguised curiosity.

Marty left Audrey and Esther in the lobby with a short wave, promising to talk to Nate about dinner.

Esther stood on tiptoe to get a better look at their surroundings, while Audrey hitched a bag higher on her shoulder.

“Ooh, a café!” Esther announced. “Let’s get coffee!”

“I don’t know,” Audrey hesitated. “I really want to put these bags down.”

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