Surprise New Book!

Surprise new book: Audrey & Esther Geekify Greenville

We need all the fun we can find during this pandemic. For me, that’s meant setting aside my other projects to write a fun and silly, surprise new book!

Audrey & Esther Geekify Greenville is now in the hands of the publisher and should be available for sale in the next day or two. (Yay!) I’ll update here and on social media as soon as it’s ready.

Update: The book is available now!!! Buy it here: Audrey & Esther Geekify Greenville

Now, this new book isn’t a novel. Instead, it’s what I’m calling a Twist Your Fiction Storybook.

What does that mean? Each story section gives you options for where to go next. Your picks change the storyline and the genre, meaning you could get a story with sci-fi, fantasy, or rom-com touches… or more likely, a mix of all three!

Want a new story? With 3 genres and 22 possible endings, you can start over, and over, (and over) again! You may even find a time loop. 😁

Pulling all these story parts together has been a crazy challenge! (So many places to go!) The stories themselves are pretty silly, which made writing this even more fun.

The book kicks off with two friends, Audrey and Esther, starting their weekend at a small, pop-culture con called Geekify Greenville. Audrey is selling her knit and crochet crafts. Esther is working as a con volunteer. You get to decide where the story goes from there.

This project has been on my back burner for nearly two years, and I have a lot of ideas that didn’t make it into this book. Which means, I’d love to send Audrey and Esther on even more adventures. After I finish Book 3 of The Psychic Traveler Society, of course!

I’m really excited to share this surprise new book with you. I hope you’ll be excited to read it, too!

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