Second Editions of The Psychic Traveler Society!

Second editions of The Psychic Traveler Society are now available! They have beautiful new covers, stylish interiors, and have been extensively edited to clean up typos, unclear wording, and stray errors. I’m thrilled with the results and even happier to wrap this up and focus exclusively on writing the next book in the series!

Why the Second Editions?

Over the last year of so, I’ve been publishing second editions of my books through Bitter Lily Books, LLC. This is to correct an earlier self-publishing misstep that had locked me into only selling through Amazon. With the new editions, it’s now easier to sell through Amazon and many other stores including Barnes & Noble (Nook), Books-A-Million, and independent book sellers.

The New Covers

The new covers for Healers and Thieves (Book 1) and Family and Foes (Book 2) use the same emblems (which I drew in Procreate) but with an updated look. If you look closely, you may see that the emblems now have a bevel effect to add depth and texture. The titles were moved away from the emblems for easier reading and the series name was redesigned to match the titles.

Comparing the old and new covers, you can see that the basic elements are still there, just updated with my new design skills. I never could get the original Healers and Thieves colors right, especially for printing, and I’m really happy with the updated versions!

First Edition Covers
Original Covers
Second Edition Covers
Second Edition Covers

The New Interiors

Working in Adobe InDesign allows more freedom in creating professional interior layouts. Many of these changes, like improved control over line justification and font kerning, won’t be obvious to the casual reader. Overall, the print is slightly larger and darker (with a font change from Garamond to Minion Pro). Chapter and section leads now have fancy new drop caps, and both books also have added discussion questions.

Where to Buy the New Books

The second editions are currently available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions. They will continue to appear in more stores over the next few weeks. For example, the ebook editions are already available on Barnes and Noble, while the print version will show up there soon.

If you already own the first editions, don’t worry! The stories have not changed. You will not need to buy the new editions before book 3 is released. If you haven’t read The Psychic Traveler Society yet, this is a great time to buy! You can get the fresh new versions and read them while I finish writing the next book in the series. Books also make great gifts!

Thanks for all of your support! The indie author journey has been a winding path, but now that these second editions are out, I’m back on track to move forward with writing and publishing new books. Huzzah!

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