Book Preview: Elders and Aliens (PTS Book 3)

Update: Elders and Aliens is now available at Amazon! Click to Buy Here. More retailers will come soon, more info here: Elders and Aliens

It’s always exciting to share a book preview. Even more so when that book is the final book in a series! Elders and Aliens is the third book in The Psychic Traveler Society series. It wraps up Amanda Jones’ early years as both a psychic traveler and young high school student.

The Psychic Traveler Society

If you’re new to The Psychic Traveler Society series, it begins with 14-year-old Amanda Jones, a freshman in high school who is prone to daydreams about a Victorian house. She soon realizes that opening a door in that daydream house can transport her to a new world. As Amanda discovers this new ability, she finds out there is an organization of psychic travelers operating in the shadows of our own world.

Book preview! Author Susan Quilty holding a proof copy of her new book, Elders and Aliens (PTS Book 3)
Proof Copy of Elders and Aliens

Amanda’s story begins with Healers and Thieves (Book 1), continues in Family and Foes (Book 2), and wraps up in Elders and Aliens (Book 3). You can learn more about each of these books, including excerpts, here: The Psychic Traveler Society

New Book Trailer

If you prefer video, you can now also learn about the series with my new book trailer!

My publishing company, Bitter Lily Books, LLC, is venturing into video with a new YouTube channel. First up is a trailer for this series that offers a brief overview of each book.

If you would like to keep up with future video content, please subscribe to Bitter Lily Books on YouTube.

Book Preview: Elders and Aliens

Here are the opening paragraphs of Elders and Aliens, along with a link to a longer excerpt. Note: this excerpt contains references/spoilers for the first two books in the series.

Chapter 1: A Change of Plans – The voice in Amanda Jones’ head was calm but insistent. She silently responded, then flicked on the windshield wipers as she prepared to make a right turn. She was getting good at multitasking between the world around her and the occasional psychic message from a fellow traveler. Driving in the rain was a new challenge.

“I should have driven us home,” Patty Jones muttered from the passenger seat. Her hands were clasped on her lap as she shifted forward to get a better look at the storm clouds overhead.

“Mom, please,” Amanda sighed, gripping the steering wheel. “I can handle a little rain.”

They were quiet then, listening to the patter of raindrops and the swish of the windshield wipers. Patty insisted on turning the radio off whenever Amanda drove. Amanda didn’t argue about it, though she’d had her learner’s permit for over six months and listened to music every time she drove with her aunt. Judy said it was good to practice in real-world conditions. Amanda knew it was better to keep that method between them.

“I know what you can handle,” Patty responded gently. (Read a longer excerpt here.)

Release Schedule

Elders and Aliens will be available through Amazon (paperback and Kindle) by the end of August. Print and ebook editions will soon follow on Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and other retailers. Check for updates on Elders and Aliens blog posts and by following me through social media. Currently, I primarily use Facebook and Instagram.

I hope you enjoy Amanda Jones’ adventures! Thank you for all of your support!

Update: Elders and Aliens is now available at Amazon! Click to Buy Here. More retailers will come soon, more info here: Elders and Aliens

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