Ye Grumpier Ol’ Nerds and Me

I’m always honored to be invited onto podcasts, internet shows, etc. I recently had a chance to hang out with Ye Grumpier Ol’ Nerds (minus Gary who was home sick) over at Comic Logic Books and Artwork. I’ve mentioned Comic Logic here before. It’s a local comic book shop where I’ve often held book signings and taken part in their local artist events. Last summer, they launched the Comic Logic Lot Con, and I’m looking forward to taking part in that event again later this spring.

Ye Grumpier Ol’ Nerds is a weekly internet show that is currently available on Facebook Live. Hosts Rob, Mike, and Gary talk about comic books, TV shows, movies, and other pop culture topics. Unfortunately, Gary wasn’t feeling well and didn’t attend in person. Though he did watch from home and chime in through the comments.

This was my first time on their show and, to be honest, I was a little nervous about it. In-person events are always a little scary and live video events–which live on the internet forever–are more so! But I ended up having a good time, like I generally do at these events.

For the most part, we chatted about my books and my Freely Written podcast, and responded to some questions and comments from the live viewers. In seeing some pictures after the show, I was reminded just how much I talk with my hands! (ha!) Here’s a behind the scenes fact for you: I’m careful to wear quiet sleeves when recording my podcast so my gesturing isn’t picked up by the mic!

It was fun being on the show! You can check it out on their Facebook page, Ye Grumpier Ol’ Nerds, or just enjoy the goofy pictures below.

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