Back to Life: My Day at Comic Logic Lot Con

What a lovely, sunny, hot, and successful day! After over 18 months of no events, I took part in a local outdoor gathering: Comic Logic Lot Con.

Comic Logic Lot Con

It was a three-hour event and those three hours went fast! I had expected to make a pass through the other vendors (many of who have become friends) but the shoppers were non-stop! Which is certainly a great “problem” to have.

When I did catch up with some vendor friends after, they all seem to have had a similar experience–which is awesome! I’m super grateful to all the shoppers who came out to support local artists, authors, and other vendors.

It was great to meet several new readers and (finally!) see old friends in person!

I had two new books come out during the pandemic (Family and Foes, Audrey and Esther Geekify Greenville) so this was my first time giving five elevator pitches at once… Well, four since I combined books 1 & 2 of the Psychic Traveler Society… Wait… five since I was also pitching Freely Written! Anyway… it worked out and it was fun to offer a larger selection of books.

Thanks, again, to everyone who showed up, to Comic Logic for putting on such a fun event, to Kurt for bringing an extra tent, and to my author friend Jonny Lupsha who made sharing said tent extra fun! And, of course, extra thanks to those who made the time to listen to my spiel and buy my books!

Much love to all!

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Tammy K. Paquin
1 year ago

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 I likely qualify for an annulment. I cannot determine if I should go for one or just do a regular divorce Does anyone know the advantages or disadvantages?

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