My New Podcast: Freely Written

Freely Written, my new podcast

Say hello to my new podcast! Yes, I’ve officially joined the word of podcasting.

Freely Written will feature weekly episodes where I share short stories that were inspired by writing prompts and written with no planning and very little editing.

You can find Freely written on your favorite podcast app or at this link: Freely Written. If it isn’t on your favorite app yet, give it some time. Some directories take longer than others to accept new submissions.

I began Freely Written with two goals in mind:

  1. To reach a wider audience
  2. To practice my narration skills before recording audiobooks of my novels

It’s a side project, but one that I expect will be a lot of fun. To begin, I’m using some of the free-written stories I’ve previously published on my Patreon page, and I would love to get ideas from listeners for future writing prompts.

Behind the Scenes of a New Podcast

Learning to record and edit in GarageBand has already been an interesting experience! I’ve tried playing with various EQ settings and noise gates, but the best sound I’ve gotten so far is by simply hitting in record (with auto-levels).

My “recording studio” is a space I’ve cleared in my closet, and that works well to cut down on echo and outside noise. I’m using a simple USB microphone with a pop filter, which seems to be okay for my needs. I’m tempted to upgrade (especially before attempting to record audiobooks), but I’m going to spend some time working with what I have first.

While I’m not doing anything fancy with my podcast, I did add a little piano fill at the beginning and end of each episode. Incidentally, those piano clips are from an old file of me practicing 12-bar blues licks. It seemed appropriate to use improvised music for a show that features free-written stories!

Check out Freely Written whenever you want a quick story break and let me know what you think!

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