Announcing: Bitter Lily Books, LLC

As I continue to learn more about self-publishing, I’m always looking for ways to streamline the business side. (Giving me more time to focus on the writing!) As part of that effort, I’ve now registered a new business: Bitter Lily Books, LLC. Beginning in 2020, my books will be published through this business. To connect …

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End Your Envy on Social Media, a.k.a. Love Your Own Life

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through someone’s social media page and starting to feel like your life is small and unimportant/uninteresting by comparison? I can say, “Don’t do that!” And I try not to do that myself. But, occasionally, it happens. When it does, it can be a sneaky, slippery dive into depression. So …

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My First Book Promo

Writing a novel is hard. Promoting a novel is infinitely harder. At least to me. Maybe because I know how to write novels, but effective promotion is something I’m still trying to figure out. My latest approach to spreading the word about my books is with video. I’ve started adding monthly patron-only videos to my …

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Bring Back Boredom

Our brains think. It’s their natural function. Left alone in an empty room, we will quickly become aware of our own thoughts. Sometimes we need a break from all that thinking. We need to quiet down, let our thoughts drift by, without notice, like clouds passing overhead. Millions of people are learning how to do …

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Animals in the Exurbs

While I have mixed feelings about animals in captivity (especially exotics), I had a good time visiting a nearby animal park with some friends this weekend.