Audrey and Esther Geekify Greenville (Online!)

Chief Hunter of the Trataqi Tribe

Before they could go anywhere, a leather-clad woman pushed through a group of airline attendants near the hotel check-in desk and hurried across the lobby, panting, “Where did they go?”

Audrey and Esther took in her impeccable costume. Her pants and tunic were a butter-yellow leather that set off her dusky complexion and picked up the strands of pale gold woven through her dark hair. She had a crossbow slung across her back and a dagger tucked into one of her brown leather boots. Jet-black liner created flawless cat-eyes and gold glitter dusted her cheekbones.

“The wizards!” she hissed, scanning the sea of people around them.

“You look amazing!” Audrey told her, forgetting the heavy bags on her shoulders.

“Who are you?” Esther asked with narrowed eyes. “The crossbow has a kinda Robin Hood vibe, but the yellow…?”

“Robin Hood?” The woman shook away the question and straightened her spine. “I am Klaia, chief hunter of the Trataqi tribe. The wizards who passed by are of the Order of Vryslik, Claimer of Worlds. They seek the lost Star Stone, which has been traced to this conclave. If they procure the Star Stone for Vryslik, countless worlds will fall to his tyranny, including this one.”

“Wow,” Esther nodded, exchanging an impressed smile with Audrey. “You all really take cosplay seriously around here!”

“Cosplay?” Klaia scowled impatiently. “You are getting in the way of my mission.”

“Ignore her,” Audrey told Klaia, gesturing toward the sign for tickets. “Perhaps the wizards you seek have gone to procure passage to this conclave.”

“Passage to this conclave?” Esther mocked.

“Shhh,” Audrey hissed back. “I’m playing along!”

“It’s not a Ren Faire,” Esther muttered, eyeing the broad-shouldered security guard who was striding toward them imposingly.

“You need a weapons check before you can pick up your tickets,” he told Klaia sternly. “You should have had one at the door.”

“You will not touch my weapons!” Klaia stepped back, one hand instinctively reaching for her crossbow strap.

The guard held up both hands, without touching her, but held his ground.

“This way, ma’am,” he said firmly, ushering her toward the main entrance against her protests.

“Okay, then,” Audrey shrugged. “I really need to put these bags down.”

“Coffee first?” Esther asked hopefully.

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