A quick picture that went wrong and then a little right. Not perfect, but that’s life.

I recently painted one of my bathrooms a deep, bold blue. Daring Indigo. (don’t you love the names of paint colors?) It’s a half-bath and I was a little worried about using it in a such a small space, but it looks good against the porcelain, the new faucet, and the mirror.

I snapped a picture to show the mirror and sink against the deep blue, but I was in a hurry and ended up with a lot of glare and weird reflections. I was going to trash it and try again, but I kind of liked the result. Sort of trippy, pinkish hues and blown out glare.

Cropping and playing around with the saturation brought some interesting results… I like the feel of losing color on the reflection, while over saturating the rest. It somehow seemed fitting. The world being busy, bright, and harsh. A little crooked and unsettling. While self-reflection is dim and quiet, stark in comparison. But maybe that’s just me.

While it wasn’t the original intent, I kind of like it. I’m tempted to try again and plan for this outcome, but a staged shot with this intent may just frustrate me. So, I’ll let it stand as is.

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