Jewelry Like Talismans

I don’t have tattoos, but I wear jewelry like talismans. Reminders that I can be strong, connected, and grounded. Sometimes, often, I need those reminders.

Some of my jewelry changes. Some of it stays the same.

A ring on my right hand reminds me to “be here now.” A ring on my left hand reminds me I’m loved. I wear the sound of the universe (om – ૐ) around my neck.

A ring of skulls on my pinky is a memento mori. It’s a reminder of mortality—not because I feel immortal, but because I’m too keenly aware of death. When I wear that ring, it can hold those thoughts, letting me focus on being alive.

My collection of mantra jewelry continues to grow and I choose the phrases that mean the most on any given day. It is what it is. Love yourself. She believed she could so she did. etc.

My beaded bracelets have their own meanings—especially those made and/or given by beloved friends. They wrap around my wrist with weight. They stack with soft clicks and feel smooth against my skin.

Even my Fitbit has earned its own meaning with its scuffed face from my recent fall reminding me that a little damage just adds character.

I have other jewelry, of course. The pretty kind that comes out on special occasions. The kind that is there for the fun of its sparkle and shine. And there’s meaning in that, too.

I wear my jewelry like talismans. Reminding me that I can be strong, connected, and grounded.

We all can use those reminders.

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