End Your Envy on Social Media, a.k.a. Love Your Own Life

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through someone’s social media page and starting to feel like your life is small and unimportant/uninteresting by comparison?

I can say, “Don’t do that!” And I try not to do that myself. But, occasionally, it happens. When it does, it can be a sneaky, slippery dive into depression.

So how do you pull yourself out of that?

  1. Remember that most people only show their “best self” on social media. You likely aren’t seeing the challenges, insecurities, and dark moments in their lives. (We all have them!)

  2. Think about the things you see on their page that you find lacking in your own life. Be specific. Is there something you’d like to do more? Travel? Exercise? Take art classes? Go out more? Volunteer with a local charity?

  3. Think about what’s stopping you from doing those things. Is it fear? Is it money? Is it time? Are they things you actually want or things you think you should want?

  4. If you actually want them, what steps can you take to bring them into your own life? Not by copying what the other person is doing, but by finding your own, personal way of trying a similar thing. If you only think you should want them, why do you think that? What if you let that idea go?

  5. Think about what you already like about your life. Exactly as it already is. Would some changes enhance your life or take away from the things you already love? Can you find balance with whatever changes you may want to try? Maybe try some gradual changes?

The grass may look greener in your neighbor’s yard but consider your own yard carefully before you start watering, weeding, seeding, treating, or tearing it up to re-sod.

Sometimes you need a major change. Sometimes you need some minor tweaks. Sometimes you just need to stand back and appreciate what you already have. Without comparing yourself to anyone else.

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