Are you familiar with Patreon? In short, Patreon is a community designed to bring creators and patrons together.

Creators (writers, artists, vloggers, etc.) set up their own Patreon pages. Patrons can then choose to offer their support through recurring monthly donations.

I’m relatively new to Patreon and am adding exclusive content to my page each month. I like that it’s another way to connect with readers and I try to come up with interesting things to share.

The content you see on Patreon depends on which tier you join. You can read about the different tiers on my Patreon page.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • $1 – Support a Writer: This base tier gives you a mish-mash of occasional posts. For example, I recently came across some poems I wrote way back in high school and shared a few on Patreon.
  • $2 – Be Inspired, Yogi Style: When I’m not writing, I also teach yoga. This tier comes with monthly posts on topics that may make their way into a book on yoga-inspired living.
  • $3 – Be a Psychic Traveler: Based on the YA series I’m currently writing, this tier gets you an official Psychic Traveler Society membership card and monthly PTS-themed posts.
  • $5 – Go Behind the Books: If you’re interested in writing and my writing process, this is your tier. It features monthly flash fiction and tips on my approach to writing.
  • $10 – See Your Name in Print: This gives you a special mention in the acknowledgments of any book I publish while you’re subscribed at this tier.

Any higher tiers include the lower tiers’ perks as well.

If you’re interested, please check it out (here) and tell your friends! As always, thanks for your support!!