Fictional Homes: Amanda Jones’ Apartment

When you read a book, do you picture the locations? Not just the imagery but the actual layout of the rooms? When I’m writing my novels, I often like to sketch the layout of a setting so I can picture it more clearly… and describe it without contradictions (though I probably still make mistakes). For Healers and Thieves, the first book in The Psychic Traveler Society series, it helped to draw a floor plan of Amanda Jones’ Apartment.

If you haven’t read the series yet, it begins with 14-year-old Amanda Jones discovering that the Victorian home of her recurring daydreams can transport her to new worlds. You can learn more about the series, including where to buy it, here. (Note: very mild spoilers ahead about Amanda’s future living arrangements.)

Amanda’s First Apartment

Several scenes in Healers and Thieves at set in Amanda’s apartment. I often found myself describing the angles as characters interacted from different rooms, such as watching the front door from the kitchen or overhearing a conversation from the hallway. To keep track of the layout, I used an app to draw out a quick floor plan.

To keep it realistic, I also spent some time browsing real-life apartment floor plans. Which is something I do anyway from time to time, just for fun. (Is that a weird hobby?) Amanda and her mom live in a simple two-bedroom apartment with one bathroom. The open plan for the kitchen, dining, and living room is comfortable if a bit crowded.

Amanda Jones' Apartment in Healers and Thieves

Amanda’s Second Apartment

As the story continues, Amanda does end up living in a larger apartment. (I’ll avoid specific spoilers and leave it at that.) Since I’d made a floor plan for her first apartment, it made sense to sketch out her second home as well.

It’s a more spacious apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a den, and a balcony. The open living space is still compact, but the separate den gives additional privacy and the balcony adds an outdoor space without having to leave the apartment. Of course, having a second bathroom is a nice upgrade, too!

Floor plans are just one of the ways I organize my thoughts when writing novels, and I do have fun making them. I hope you enjoyed this look at Amanda Jones’ apartment!

Floor plans from some of my novels were lost in a tech upgrade a while back, but if I can find (or recreate) them, I’ll add them in a future post. In case any of you share my love of floor plans!

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