Lucid Dreams and a Nearly Finished Book

Half awake. Need more coffee. Which is only helpful in theory, given that I drink decaf. But there is some caffeine in there and enough cups will eventually equal one cup of regular joe. (ha!)

I’m currently wrapping up my third (!) book. What I’ve learned with each project is that, for me, the home stretch is more of a roller coaster than the last leg of a marathon.

Some days I’m excited and confident. I can’t wait for people to read this!!! Others I’m overwhelmed with self-doubt. I will never finish this book and no one will like it anyway.

However, my writing style is to revise and polish as I go, so I’m nearing the finish line. At this point, my early and middle chapters are just about publish-ready, the last few chapters need a bit more revision, and the final chapter is the only one left to be written.

(In other words, I’m on track for a spring release!! – More on that soon!!)

Back to my restless night sleep…

My dreams tend to be vivid and I often interact with them. It’s a phenomenon known as lucid dreaming. I know they are dreams, but they also feel like a different form of reality. As if there’s an actual dream world where the rules are similar but not quite like my waking world.

Despite knowing I’m in a dream, it can be hard to separate truth from fiction. Some elements of the dream are “correct,” while others are not strictly true but perhaps symbolically true. I might know that I am in my house, but the house looks nothing like my house in the real world. It may have fantastic features that seem entirely normal in the dream state, like a massive waterfall in the living room or a glass-walled bedroom that is suspended above the house.

Last night, I dreamed I was editing my new book. (Not surprising since I was up late adding in some dialog that occurred to me just before bed.) The trouble was that part of the plot suddenly made no sense. The entire story of one character just didn’t fit in with the rest of the book.

I don’t know how long I was dreaming, but I went over and over that part of the story in minute detail. For part of the dream, I was writing it out on my laptop. In another part, I was talking it through with someone (not sure who). Finally, I went inside the book to talk to the characters and try to understand what they were thinking.

Eventually, I woke up in a panic, convinced that I had my work cut out for me and terrified that I wouldn’t be able to make this vital part of the book make sense. I was up worrying for ages, then tossed and turned until morning.

When I properly woke up, it was with a lingering sense of dread. Until I tried to think over that part of the book with a clear head. That’s when I realized the real problem with my dream: that part of the story didn’t fit because it actually does not exist in my book. It was a story only included in the dream edition.


Thank you, brain, for keeping me up half the night. Now I’m off to continue editing and look for any symbolic truth in that wacky dream.

Note: if you like this topic, my lifetime of lucid dreaming may have influenced the premise of my next book. Follow me here or on Facebook (SusanQuilty.Writer) to learn more soon!

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