Book Signing at Barnes & Noble – Ashburn, VA

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may already know that I will be at Barnes & Noble in Ashburn, Virginia tomorrow—June 23, 2018—for a book signing. If you don’t follow me on other social media, sorry for the short notice!

Facebook is usually the easiest way to keep up with signings and events (though I’ll try to be better about posting here, too!). Barnes & Noble has a Facebook event set up for the signing, which you can find here: Susan Quilty Author Signing

You can also find out more at the local store website here: Barnes & Noble One Loudoun

If you haven’t been to the Barnes & Noble at One Loudoun yet, it’s one of the newest locations which now have a restaurant area. There’s a full menu, snacks and meals, as well as beer and wine, and a Starbucks coffee bar. It’s a really nice location!

The Insistence of Memory will be available to buy at the event. If you already have a copy you want signed, feel free to bring it with you! I hope to see you there!

Bob Ross and Professional Headshots

We were in Baltimore, to visit my favorite museum (AVAM) and check out a Harry Potter convention, when I showed my friend, Jen Pool, some pictures I was thinking of using on my author bio for The Insistence of Memory.

I had taken them myself with the self-timer feature on my camera, because I hate having my picture taken and just wanted to get it over with.

Jen is a fabulous, professional photographer.

Two days later, she was at my house armed with her camera and confidence that she could get a natural smile out of me.

Have you seen the episode of Friends when Chandler and Monica try to have engagement photos taken? Every time Chandler looks at the camera, his face freezes in a tortured mask of manic awkwardness. That’s me.

I know I’m not an unattractive person, yet I look at a camera and I suddenly don’t know what to do with my face. What does a smile feel like? Do the corners of my mouth go up or out? Why are my cheeks twitchy? Where do I look? How the hell do I make my eyes smile? (Smize?!?) Why am I randomly so aware of my eyebrows?!

It’s not pleasant.

Fortunately, Jen is used to taking pictures of unruly children and oblivious newborns. She can wave around props, offer hilarious encouragement, and hold a camera very still while waiting for a moment of naturalness to seep in.

In my case, that meant waving around a Bob Ross Funko Pop and calming me with (decaf) coffee.

We had an amazingly fun time, and she managed to get several great pictures! Thank you, Jen!!

I’ve sprinkled a few around my website here are a few more favorites:

My First Book is Now On Sale!

Here we go! My first novel — The Insistence of Memory — is now on sale!

I’m alternating between excitement: “Yay! People can now read my book!” 😁

And terror: “Ack! People can now read my book!” 😱

Enough about me… on to the novel…. It’s always hard to know how much to share about a book without giving too much away, but here’s my official description:

Nothing could prepare Joanne for the secrets her husband left behind. As she stumbles through each day, attempting to raise their young daughters alone, Joanne soon learns that Jeff’s basement tinkering had led to a remarkable invention: a machine that can record memories and play them back in someone else’s mind.

Now, Jeff’s partner-in-crime wants to turn their unfinished project into a money-making scheme, while Joanne’s best friend argues the dangers of dredging up buried memories. Joanne’s heartache must take a backseat as she struggles to find balance between supporting the future of Jeff’s incredible discovery and keeping her own troubled history safely locked in the past. 

The Insistence of Memory gently bends reality to let readers explore the truth of what we remember. What is real? What is blurred? What would we never want revealed?

The Insistence of Memory is currently available as a Kindle e-book only, but a paperback version is in the works. It’s also available as part of Kindle Unlimited, if you participate in that program. 
Thank you all for being here with me as I take this exciting step!

Buying and reading my book is deeply appreciated, but it’s okay if the description doesn’t sound like your cup of tea! You can also support me by simply spreading the word to any of your friends who might want to check it out.

Please keep an eye on my Facebook page as well. I’m thinking of adding a group there in case anyone wants to discuss the book in a place where spoilers are allowed!


(I’m off to take some deep breaths… and maybe stock up on wine.) 😉