Announcing: Bitter Lily Books, LLC

As I continue to learn more about self-publishing, I’m always looking for ways to streamline the business side. (Giving me more time to focus on the writing!)

Drawing of a lily in front of book marked with the letter B, a logo representing Bitter Lily Books, LLC

As part of that effort, I’ve now registered a new business: Bitter Lily Books, LLC.

Beginning in 2020, my books will be published through this business. To connect with new readers, I hope to attend more book fairs and conventions as well.

You can also now order signed books directly through my website!

Click here to Buy Books.

Starting a new business will not change the focus of my writing. I am still diligently working on Book 2 of my Psychic Traveler Society series and hope to have some new updates on that project in the near future. I do have some side projects going, but Book 2 is my priority!

Fun fact about the new company name: When I was about 10 or so (pre-internet era), I bought a baby name book to help me come up with character names for my stories. I also looked up my own name, Susan Marie, and it said Susan meant lily and Marie meant bitter. I liked the sound of Bitter Lily and finally found a place to use it!

You’ll start to see Bitter Lily Books, LLC showing up on my website, books, and other media. It’s still me, doing my indie author thing!

Please wish me luck in figuring out this new phase of my writing career! And, as always, thanks for your support!

My First Book Promo

Writing a novel is hard. Promoting a novel is infinitely harder. At least to me. Maybe because I know how to write novels, but effective promotion is something I’m still trying to figure out.

My latest approach to spreading the word about my books is with video. I’ve started adding monthly patron-only videos to my Patreon page (only $1 per month!), and I’m planning on making some public videos to share as well.

Today, I shared my first promo video online. It’s a simple video where I say a few words about my books, where you can buy them, and where you can connect with me on social media.

At just over one minute, there isn’t time to say much more than the titles of my books. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start!

Being in front of a camera is not easy for me. I’m hoping that, like anything else, it will become easier with practice. I’d love to make short promos for each of my books and maybe even get comfortable enough to start doing some live Q&A sessions.

For now, my first promo video offers a nice, brief little introduction. Please share it with your friends and let me know what you’d like me to talk about in future videos!

Little Free Library – Author Book Drops

How much do you love these Little Free Library boxes popping up all over the place? I think they’re adorable and a great way to share the love of reading throughout a community.

Little Free Library Drop #1

Yesterday, I set out to find a few places to drop off some of my books. With the help of the Little Free Libary World Map!

Two of these books were bought by a reader at a recent book signing with a request to have them donated in this way. (Thanks, Rocky!!) I added the third with funds raised through my Patreon page. (Thank you all!!)

I signed each book and added a brief note inside, explaining it was dropped by a local author to encourage reading.

My son came with me and we had a great time tracking down the libraries. For the most part, they were right where they said they would be.

Finding the Libraries

We had a little trouble finding the first drop. It’s located near a tucked-away little nature center with charming, wooded trails. In our excitement, we started down the trails before realizing the library is not actually in the nature center. It was on a path just outside of it. Oops! We didn’t mind the detour since it led to a lovely (if hot and sticky!) walk in the woods.

Little Free Library Drop #2

The second drop was much quicker as the library turned out to be just outside the front doors of the local YMCA.

It was easy to find and had ample parking—as well as plenty of sunshine! The day was very hot and we were glad this library didn’t include much walking. (Note to self: next time, bring water bottles!)

As we hopped in the car to find the third little free library, I worried over our direction. I usually see these Little Free Library boxes in parks, community centers, or apartment complexes. Yet, the third box appeared to be in the middle of a suburban neighborhood—and it was!

This library sat beside the sidewalk and was quite well-filled with a wide variety of books. Hopefully, a neighborhood book lover will find my copy of Healers and Thieves and enjoy the read.

Little Free Library Drop #3

I love sharing my writing (and love of reading) with others and this was a fun way to do that. I plan to donate more books to Little Free Libraries in other nearby towns and maybe even track down some libraries when I’m traveling about.

If you’d like to help, a portion of the money I receive through my Patreon page will go toward future book drops. Becoming a patron also gives you some other perks, like bonus content and early updates on upcoming projects.

If you happen to find one of the books I donate, please feel free to either keep it or pass it along. And if you enjoy it, please share your review on Amazon and/or Goodreads!