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LFL #51648

How much do you love these Little Free Library boxes popping up all over the place? I think they’re adorable and a great way to share the love of reading throughout a community.

Yesterday, with the help of the Little Free Libary World Map, I set out to find a few places to make some book drops.

Two of these books were bought by a reader at a recent book signing with a request to have them donated in this way. (Thanks, Rocky!!) I added the third with funds raised through my Patreon page. (Thank you all!!)

Each book is signed and has a brief note inside about why it was dropped off.

My son came with me and we had a great time tracking down the libraries. For the most part, they were right where they said they would be.

We had a little trouble with finding the first drop. It’s located near a tucked-away little nature center with charming, wooded trails. In our excitement, we started down the trails and walked for 20 minutes or so before checking the website again and realizing that the library is actually not in the nature center, but on a path just outside of it.

Oops! We didn’t mind the detour since it led to a lovely (if hot and sticky!) walk in the woods. I’ll have to check out the Walker Nature Center again sometime when the building is actually open!

LFL #39712

The second drop was much quicker as the library turned out to be just outside the front doors of the Reston YMCA.

It was easy to find and had ample parking—as well as plenty of sunshine! The day was very hot and we were glad this library didn’t include much walking. (Note to self: next time, bring water bottles!)

As we hopped in the car to find the third library, I was a little unsure if we were heading in the right direction. I usually see these Little Free Library boxes in parks, community centers, or apartment complexes.

The third box appeared to be in the middle of a suburban neighborhood—and it was!

LFL #M76846

This library sat beside the sidewalk and was quite well-filled with a wide variety of books. I added a copy of Healers and Thieves in the hopes that a neighborhood book lover would find it and enjoy the read.

I love sharing my writing (and love of reading) with others and this was a fun way to do that. I plan to donate more books to Little Free Libraries in other nearby towns and maybe even track down some libraries when I’m traveling about.

If you’d like to help, a portion of the money I receive through my Patreon page will go toward future book drops.

If you happen to find one of the books I donate, please feel free to either keep it or pass it along. And if you enjoy it, reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads are always appreciated!

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